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We understand how emotionally and financially draining it is to go through miscarriages. At Antai hospital, we offer our internationally patented treatment with a full refund guaranteed. We want to and can help you achieve your dreams of giving birth to healthy babies.

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Antai Hospital is the only private hospital that offers contractual recurrent miscarriage treatment with a full refund policy, Worldwide, Antai Hospital has successfully treated over 34,000 patients, who recovered from recurrent miscarriages and delivered healthy babies.

Wang Feiying, 35, from Hubei Province (China), had two consecutive miscarriages in week 20 for both pregnancies. Despite her miscarriages, she remained hopeful to have children of her own.

Wang FeiYing 35
31 years

My baby was born in Antai Hospital. I am now a proud mother of my precious girl” said Ms Zhang joyfully with tears in her eyes. Zhang Li Hua, 41…

Case of Zhang Li Hua, 41.
29 years

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Understanding Miscarriage

Miscarriage matters

The consequences of miscarriage are both physical, such as bleeding or infection, and psychological. Miscarriage, and especially recurrent miscarriage, is also a sentinel risk marker for obstetric complications, including preterm birth, fetal growth restriction, placental abruption, and stillbirth in future pregnancies, and a predictor of longer-term health problems, such as cardiovascular disease and venous thromboembolism.

Recurrent miscarriage causes long term post-traumatic stress

Due to a history of multiple miscarriages, some patients start developing a form of long-term post-traumatic stress/fear towards miscarrying again in subsequent pregnancies.

Can Heparin & Aspirin be used to treat blood insufficiency recurrent miscarriage?

Several hospitals and medical institutions had been administering a common but ineffective preventive treatment used for blood-insufficiency recurrent miscarriage

Is IVF treatment effective for recurrent miscarriage?

Patients should however be very clear that IVF is not a treatment method, but only a form of reproductive assistance. Due to this reason amongst others, IVF has consistently seen a success rate of 20-35% per cycle, and also decreases with each successive round.

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Dr Chen Fenglin

Dr. Chen Fenglin is an internationally renowned recurrent miscarriage specialist, graduated from China Medical University with a Master’s degree as Chief Physician. He pioneered the diagnosis and treatment standards for patients with recurrent miscarriages, also known as recurrent spontaneous abortion (RSA). His invention of immunotherapy for the treatment of recurrent early miscarriage has been patented in 27 countries in China, the United States, and the European Union. With his invention of immunotherapy, he founded Antai hospital in hopes of extending his treatment to more women in need.

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